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Belly Dance Fall Sessions 2008
at Center Stage Dance Studio

6 classes per session / $55 each / 7-8 pm


Session 1: Skills, Drills and Shimmies
8/25 - 9/29

Enjoy a fun workout, increase your flexibility and strength with a full range of belly dance moves.

Session 2: Combos, Drills and Intro to Zills
10/6 - 11/10

Improve you skills with drills, learn new combinations and introduce zills into your dancing. Bring your own zills!

Session 3: Choreography and Performance
11/17 - 12/15

Learn a fun and lively zills choreography based on skills and combos learned in Session 2. Opportunity to perform in the fall recital.


Session 1: Combos, Drills and Intro to Zills
8/27 - 10/1

Session 2: Veil Series II
10/8 - 11/12

More great veil moves and veil choreography. Bring your Veil!

Session 3: Choreography and Performance
11/19 - 12/17

Learn a beautiful veil choreography based on veil moves learned in the Session 2: veil series. Opportunity to perform in the fall recital.

Sessions taught by Jewel Castro & Denise Cervine

Register online at

Or call 990-7163 Center Stage Dance Studio

Jewel Castro, Denise Cervine “Diviana”, and Debra Johnson “Zoya Mirage”, have diverse dance backgrounds encompassing Hula, Tahitian, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Ballet, Modern and Belly Dance. Collectively they have been studying Belly Dance for 17 years. They have enriched their education with such renowned Belly Dance teachers as: Erna Woo, Zaina Hart, Willow Chang, Wendy Buonaventura, Delilah, Saqra, Dondi & sister Titanya.

Belly Dance is one of the oldest forms of dance, having roots in all ancient cultures from the orient to India to the middle East. The dance often focuses upon isolating different parts of the body, moving them independently in sensuous patterns, weaving together the entire feminine form.’ Beginning Belly Dance will introduce basic movements of slides, rotations, undulations, shimmies, lifts and drops; continuing on with traveling steps, combos and choreography. A dance by women, for women of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Belly Dance develops grace, muscle tone, control and flexibility. It also encourages self confidence, and creative expression. Come discover the Belly Dancer in You!

For more information please call Denise Cervine at 808-895-9295

Belly Grams. Like a Singing Telegram, only better! One dancer shows up at an office, home, restaurant or other location you specify and will "surprise" everyone with a 10 minute dance performance especially designed to honor the occasion (birthdays, anniversaries, showers, congratulations, farewell, etc.). A special souvenir item to remember the occasion can be included at an additional charge*.
$50.00 / dancer

Troupe Performances. Oh those fabulous costumes and our beautiful dancers in a custom designed show. Traditional, modern or a combination of both types of Middle Eastern dance styles; Veils, Swords and Zills; all can go into a great 30 minute performance that will make your event the talk of the town.
$70.00 / dancer

Theme Parties: Have us assist you at your next event and offer a great photo opportunity with your guests. We're great greeters and all around entertainers that can add a unique and exotic ambiance.  Prices vary by event.



Workshops.  For information on upcoming workshops, call or email Athena Lou at: or call her at 808-557-9406

Private Dance Instruction
$50.00 / hour




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